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Dotop has made significant investments in the areas of Tablet PC, Wearable Devices, Bluetooth Speakers etc, especially focus on Smart Home and Intellectual Products.

Good quality originates in responsibility for our customers and preciseness of our products. As one top-ranking manufacturing enterprise in China, we have accumulated rich experience in production. The product manufacturing center  will have Incoming quality control(IQC) of materials before assemble, and full test after production according to the needs of different customers. Absolute assurance in safety and stability.

Development of one company bases in technology innovation. Abiding by fairness, justice and openness, Dotop R&D center form an effective inspiriting mechanism , which can encourage potential and creativity , accelerate the efficiency of the core technology, form one top R&D team  ultimately.
By means of scientific management and teamwork, Dotop master a number of core technologies, which lead the trend in different stages.